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Alogent Deposit Automation Solutions

​Alogent® Payments GatewayTM

Collection point for images and data received across the financial institution enterprise, supports image-based processing and endpoint routing, and facilitates back office legacy system replacement.

Alogent Payments Gateway is a single, secure payments gateway that facilitates the automation of transaction processes across all service channels of the financial institution. Alogent Payments Gateway collects images and data across intrabank and interbank points of presentment, allows financial institutions to complete image-based processing functions such as image assurance, validation, correction, balancing, verification, reporting, and archiving; and routes transactions to the appropriate endpoints for final processing, clearing, and settlement. 

What It Does

  • Acts as a single, secure payments gateway that facilitates the automation of transaction processes across all service channels of a financial institution.
  • Supports intrabank and interbank transactions including paper, data, image, and check conversion.
  • Enables fast, efficient implementation and operation through its open architecture.
  • Supports flexible deployment options.
  • Supports all Alogent point of presentment solutions.
  • Supports enterprise-wide configurable business rules.
  • Integrates with "Decision Now Processing" from DSS for early exception detection and management.
  • Includes advanced recognition technologies (ICR/CAR/LAR).
  • Offers image analysis with image quality and usability (IQA/IUA), image integrity, and rescan.
  • Provides comprehensive reporting functionality through a centralized web application to view and manage collections, alerts, and reports in near real time and enterprise-wide for pass-through implementations.
  • Enables secure item transport.
  • Provides payment system connectors including check processing and ACH systems like IBM® CPCS, imageCPCS, and Unisys®.
  • Integrates with interbank and back-office connectors including DDA, X9.37, and XML as well as SVPCo, Endpoint Exchange, and third-party IRD solutions.
  • Includes archive connectors like imageCPCS, DCIMS, CIMS, Viewpointe, ImageMark, Mobius, ImageSoft, and CSC.

What It Does For Me

  • Simplifies the deployment of all Alogent branch deposit automation, remote deposit, ATM, cash vault and correspondent banking solutions.
  • Enables the receipt and processing of transactions throughout the day allowing financial institutions to use less-costly staffing models, reduce facilities and equipment costs, and lower the costs of processing and settlement.
  • Provides the flexibility and tools to complete image-based processing and rapidly adapt to changing workflows.
  • Allows financial institutions to leverage existing investments in software and hardware within their payment processing workflows.
  • Improves efficiency through the use of the latest image-based processing technologies and the consistent application of business rules.
  • Delivers enhanced error handling to pass-through implementations by presenting errors that must be acknowledged and that require remedial action.
  • Dramatically reduces the time and cost of handling duplicate
    checks and eliminates much of Day 2 processing by resolving issues in near real time.
  • Streamlines workflows and ensures transaction accuracy, integrity, and conformance with image-quality standards.
  • Delivers earlier funds availability and helps optimize float.
  • Mitigates operational risks associated with paper-based transaction processes.