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Financial Performance Suite
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Current Expected Credit Loss (CECL) Solutions

Meet the daunting data collection and loan loss reserve tasks associated with CECL regulations.

Like other new regulatory requirements, a common approach to implementing the Current Expected Credit Loss (CECL) standard is to find the simplest and lowest-cost method to show compliance. But will this approach hold up as loan portfolios become more complex and CECL guidelines continue to change? What if you could start capturing important data now with the flexibility to add more in-depth analysis capability over time?​

With CECL DataStore and Validation, you can meet regulatory requirements by verifying that all required data elements to calculate CECL loss amounts are available and the critical information is accessible in a controlled environment.

The CECL standard for estimating loan loss reserves offers vague guidelines and a list of possibilities, but no specific recommendations for how to best implement the rules. When you choose CECL Analysis and Reporting, you gain an all-inclusive solution with the flexibility to begin with a simple method and easily adapt to a more sophisticated method as your portfolio becomes more complex.​ ​​​

Our CECL Solutions are Preferred Services of the Independent Community Bankers of America® (ICBA)​.