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Financial Performance Suite
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Customer Profitability and Pricing 

Effectively Manage Customer Relationships and Strategically Price New Business

Having the right knowledge, tools, and processes in place to maximize profitability and effectively price new business opportunities is key to improving the performance of your institution. ProfitStars Customer Profitability & PricingSoffers your institution superior, accurate information to make better financial decisions in an ever-changing world. In fact, FIs that utilize our solutions consistently have higher NIM and ROE than their competition, achieving 6 – 10 bp greater margin than industry averages. This hosted solution is part of the Financial Performance Suite, providing unprecedented convenience with 24/7 anywhere access on a secure, cloud-based platform, and empowers you to put valuable profitability and pricing insights to work.

With the Customer Profitability and Pricing solution, you can answer crucial questions like: 
  • Who are your most profitable clients? 
  • How do you segment and protect your most profitable relationships? 
  • How do you effectively assign relationship managers to nurture those relationships? 
  • What key data is available to help you make informed decisions to extend benefits like fee waivers, preferred rates, and more? 
  • When pricing a credit facility, do you know the financial benefits the transaction is likely to bring to your institution? 
  • In competitive situations, are you armed with sufficient information to know how much you can lower a rate to win the deal while still maximizing profitability? 
  • Does the loan pricing strategy for your organization involve consistency across lending units and among credit officers? 
  • When you are booking loans, are you truly booking profit?​
Case Study
State Bank Financial Improves Loan Yield with ProfitStars Customer Profitability & Pricing

Too often, financial institutions allow the competition to dictate their pricing, allowing others to win relationships with their most profitable customers. State Bank Financial addressed this negative environment, and has successfully positioned themselves to combat these issues.