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Enterprise Content Management Solutions

Synergy eDistribution™

Synergy eDistribution improves operating efficiency, document management, and workflow productivity by automating the scheduling and electronic delivery of one-time and recurring statements, notices, and other customer and employee communications. These electronic documents can be delivered either as encrypted e-mail attachments, or as e-mail notifications with embedded links that provide seamless access to the respective documents. Traditional statement stuffers, such as new product/service promotions also can be efficiently delivered electronically.

What It Does

  • Automates the scheduling and delivery of electronic statements, notices, and other customer communications
  • Supports ability to distribute Synergy documents, checks, and entire reports
  • Works in conjunction with Synergy Document Tracking to distribute coming due and past due notices, as well as Document Tracking reports
  • Supports HTML-based e-mail content for enhanced presentation
  • Supports one-time and recurring distributions with an automated scheduling system
  • Provides the ability to deliver electronic documents as PDFs (optionally encrypted), e-mail attachments, or as e-mail notifications of document availability with an embedded link to the customer’s Internet site
  • Provides a cost-effective promotional channel that converts paper-based statement

What It Does For Me

  • Expands companies' high-demand electronic offerings and the use of cost-effective online capabilities
  • Enhances customer service, convenience, and retention
  • Improves operating efficiency and productivity
  • Provides customers with an additional level of security by converting traditional paper-based correspondence into electronic documents
  • Reduces labor and postage costs

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