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Case Studies

BillSimple Case Study

MAX Streamlines Check Processing with ImageCenter™ Teller Capture

ImageCenter Teller Capture offers core level integration, automation, fewer errors, faster balancing and end-of-day processes, money saved by dealing directly with the Fed instead of a third party, improved fraud detection, and overall streamlined check processing.

AlertCenter™ Helps Boost Efficiencies and Safeguard Assets for Successful Michigan Credit Union

"The ability to minimize the risk of potential check fraud and communicate alerts through AlertCenter, provides our staff a tool for safeguarding against the threat of fraudulent activity."

BusinessManager and Great Plains Bank

Community Bank Boosts ROA, Serves Oil & Gas Industry Growth with the Help of BusinessManager from ProfitStars

Foley Carrier Services Enables Growth with FactorSoft

With the help of FactorSoft, Foley Carrier Services found a solution that freed the staff from administrative tasks and improved efficiency in all aspects of their transportation factoring business.

With RemitPlus Express™, North State Bank Strengthens Competitive Position in Health Care Market While Eliminating Manual Processes

Understanding that medical and health care practices are looking for ways to reduce costs and speed up collections, North Carolina-based North State Bank recently added RemitPlus Express, a hosted remittance solution from ProfitStars®, to their technology lineup.

State Bank Financial Improves Loan Yield with ProfitStars Customer Profitability and Pricing

See how State Bank Financial reversed the trend of declining loan yields and positioned themselves to improve margins in a rising rate environment.

Providence Bank Wins Partnership with Client Through RemitPlus Express™

Providence Bank has spent more than a century dedicated to its customers – helping them achieve their financial goals by offering providence: wisdom, care, and guidance; providing good judgment and foresight. This mission, paired with the bank’s values to remain respectful, resourceful, responsive, and reliable, drove them to fill a need in their community with a solution that reduces labor costs for business owners while allowing Providence Bank to aggressively compete against bigger banks in the area.

SmartSight CNL Bank Case Study

See how CNL Bank expanded its ACH Origination customer base with more detailed reporting and monitoring from ProfitStars® SmartSight®.

Bibby Transportation Finance’s FreightCheck Division Achieves 30% YOY Growth with FactorSoft® and HubTran

With FactorSoft and HubTran, commercial finance companies like Bibby get the tools they need to deliver superior service, reduce back-office costs and improve operations.