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Commercial Lending Center Suite

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Commercial Lending Center Suite™

Revolutionizing the way you find, grow, and manage loans! The Commercial Lending Center Suite empowers your financial institution to customize and improve processes, move beyond paper-based lending, and meet the needs of a wider variety of commercial borrowers—all while delivering a truly superior customer experience.

Our powerful lineup includes these tools and opportunities:

Commercial Lending FinancialCenter™ - Finally you can create the kind of convenient lending experience that today’s prospects are looking for. Our new FinancialCenter is a secure online lending portal, complete with a commercial loan application, that allows businesses to apply online, anytime, anywhere using any web-enabled device. Modern, on-the-go borrowers get the benefits of the best technology and quicker decisions. Meanwhile, the solution’s financial package assembly, workflow, and pipeline management tools make managing loans easier for you too.

Commercial Lending BusinessCenter™ - This business-facing secure portal enables borrowers to share financial information directly from their accounting systems and upload documents in a safe, streamlined way. Businesses get connected to resources that help them understand their financial position, provide peer group analysis, and even suggest strategies for improving their overall performance. Lenders, in turn, receive insightful reporting complete with trends and ratio analysis, peer group analysis, and more.

LendingNetwork® - The LendingNetwork has delivered non-traditional loan options for FI turndowns since 2002. Our latest technology leverages a web portal to locate lending alternatives that enables borrowers to choose from multiple options without having to complete multiple applications. Your FI retains the deposit relationship and another creditor takes on the risk of the loan. 

Commercial Lending Management System™ - This flexible solution helps lenders manage business loan relationships, including complex rate structures, administrative processes and the potential risks associated with commercial lending strategies. Tailored for your institution, the ability to leverage and monitor every possible type of collateral enables you to structure loan products that meet business borrowers’ needs while effectively managing risk. 

Add-On Modules – ProfitStars offers a wide range of functional and specialty add-on modules for expanding capabilities within your Commercial Lending Management System. 

FactorSoft® - This industry standard platform supports the needs of factors who want to grow their market share and expand their horizons, but need more monitoring tools and controls. Hundreds of system preferences provide unmatched flexibility for tailoring the system to your business and provide maximum operational efficiency.

BusinessManager® - This industry-leading accounts receivable financing program is backed by nearly 30 years of experience with community banks and allows you to provide daily cash flow to creditworthy, cash-constrained businesses in exchange for their accounts receivable. 

Healthcare Lending – ProfitStars provides a unique package of software and services tailored to the special demands of healthcare receivables finance. Our proprietary collateral valuation technology enables you to serve businesses in this massive industry where they need it most: cash flow for growth and expansion. 

Add-On Services​ - Our complete menu of add-on services are designed to enhance all solutions within the Commercial Lending Center Suite, helping lenders bridge gaps in their capabilities and staffing and deliver more value to their clients. 

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