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Transportation Factoring

FactorSoft is the industry standard in factoring software. This innovative and complete portfolio management system is ideally suited to the needs Transportation Factoring.

In addition to the powerful standard features of the FactorSoft​ platform, ProfitStars offers several third-party interfaces and add-on modules​ that are particularly beneficial to transportation factors.

Add-on Modules that benefit Transportation Factors are:

Carrier Payments - The Carrier Payments module expands your ability to factor invoices for transportation clients by allowing you to advance payments directly to the carrier and the broker in the form of a “quick-pay”—even paying a portion of the shipment cost now and the rest when the shipment is delivered.

Load Processor - Easily manage the details of advance carrier payments (to third-party clients or a division of the client’s own company) and quickly settle invoices within FactorSoft. The Load Processor module allows you to create a load in anticipation of an invoice and advance a portion of the total load/invoice amount as a fuel advance or other expense to the hauler. Haulers get the cash they need to do the job, and you pick up additional fees for enabling the process.

Web - Give your clients the ability to view their accounts online in near real time with ClientWeb. This completely customizable online client portal easily integrates into your existing website to enhance your contact with customers. They’ll love being able to see their account activity at any hour, run reports, submit credit and disbursement requests, and upload purchases and debtors directly into Facto


AutoCredit - Set business rules for credit limits to automate the approval process with AutoCredit. When combined with ClientWeb, this add-on module enables you to deliver anytime, online approvals on known debtors—particularly beneficial during off hours, when drivers make the majority of their hauling decisions.

Third-Party Interfaces that benefit Transportation Factors are:

OnPARR - Paying agents now account for over 30% of all monies transacted by the transportation industry. The OnPARR interface from Gallium Technologies takes advantage of this electronic relationship to deliver automated A/R tracking to your lending operation.

SaferWatch - Ensuring the quality of the carriers and brokers you lend to is vital to your business. The SafeWatch interface monitors carriers for compliance, notifies you of critical changes you deem important, and captures them in FactorSoft, letting you flag problem carriers, document your due diligence, and better protect your business.

Credit Monitoring - Without leaving FactorSoft, you can initiate credit searches with your choice of several credit monitoring partners, request the necessary clarifications, and receive a credit score and/or credit report.​ 

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