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Current Expected Credit Loss (CECL) Solutions
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ProfitStars® ​CECL DataStore and Validation℠

An efficient solution that helps you meet the daunting data collection tasks associated with CECL regulations

Collecting, sorting, and managing multiple data inputs are cumbersome tasks. The Current Expected Credit Loss (CECL) regulations, passed by the Federal Accounting Standards Board in June 2016, make accurate data management and accessibility a must. To ensure compliance with this new regulation, your financial institution (FI) needs to immediately begin to evaluate the data held in various systems throughout your institution.

ProfitStars® CECL DataStore and Validation℠ is an efficient solution that helps you meet the daunting data collection tasks associated with CECL regulations. It verifies that the required data elements are available and that critical information is accessible in a usable format. This is crucial, since application and database software is upgraded over time and backup data can easily become outdated. Reliance on outdated backup data could create additional work and result in inaccurate reporting.

Our CECL DataStore and Validation module also compiles and categorizes historic loan data. It provides validation that the data required to calculate ALLL (allowance for loan and lease losses) has been received, and exports data in a standardized format.

What It Does

  • 24/7 access to a hosted solution on a secure, cloud-based platform. You avoid the headache, effort, and cost of building and maintaining a proprietary system.
  • Saves time, with no manual pulling and sorting of data fields.
  • Ensures you are collecting the correct data fields for compliance.

What It Does For Me

Getting your FI ready for CECL compliance should begin now. Data collection and validation can be time consuming, and having the right data is key. The CECL DataStore and Validation module is an easy step in the right direction and, when used in conjunction with ProfitStars® CECL Analysis and Reporting℠, your FI can achieve CECL compliance.