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ProfitStars® Financial Performance Suite℠​

ProfitStars® Financial Performance Suite℠​ is an integrated solution set that enables your institution to access pricing, profitability and CECL compliance tools all in one place.

Arm your financial institution with a truly integrated solution set that enables your institution to access pricing, profitability and CECL compliance tools all in one place. The ProfitStars Financial Performance Suite modules will change the way you price new and existing business, ease your transition into CECL compliance and enable you to ultimately value each of your customers.

Our current lineup includes:

ProfitStars® Customer Profitability & Pricing℠

Having the right knowledge, tools, and processes in place to maximize profitability and effectively price new business opportunities is key to improving the performance of your institution. The ProfitStars® Customer Profitability & Pricing℠ module offers your financial institution (FI) superior, accurate information to make better financial decisions in an ever-changing world. In fact, FIs that utilize our solutions consistently have higher NIM and ROE than their competition, achieving 6 – 10 bp greater margin than industry averages. This hosted solution also provides unprecedented convenience with 24/7 anywhere access, utilizing a secure, cloud-based platform that is easy to use and empowers you to put valuable profitability and pricing insights to work.

ProfitStars® CECL DataStore and Validation℠

The ProfitStars CECL DataStore and Validation module is an efficient solution that helps you meet the daunting data collection tasks associated with Current Expected Credit Loss (CECL) regulations.

Collecting, sorting, and managing multiple data inputs are cumbersome tasks. The Federal Accounting Standards Board (FASB) requirements make accurate data management and accessibility a must. To ensure compliance with this new regulation, your financial institution (FI) needs to immediately begin to evaluate the data held in various systems throughout your institution. Our solution makes your historic loan loss data collection simple and efficient.

ProfitStars® CECL Analysis and Reporting℠

Our ProfitStars CECL Analysis and Reporting module takes your CECL model to the next level. While all loan loss methodologies should result in your financial institution knowing what the pool level and total portfolio level of expected losses are, a robust probability of default (PD) model provides expected losses down to the individual loan level.  

Having detailed output delivers far more business value to your financial institution than just meeting the basic CECL regulatory requirements.  Expected loss and expected prepayment estimates can be integrated with all of the following functions:

  • Loan Pricing
  • Customer Profitability
  • Budgeting
  • Asset-Liability Management
Without in depth loan loss knowledge, your FI will never be as profitable as an FI that takes into account their detailed loan losses to accurately price solutions and products.

What It Does

  • 24/7 access to hosted solutions on a secure, cloud-based platform. You avoid the headache, effort, and cost of building and maintaining a proprietary system.
  • Saves time, with no manual pulling and sorting of data fields.

What It Does For Me

The Profitstars’ Financial Performance Suite delivers:

  • Common data extracts
  • Common ETL process
  • Common rules, calculations and parameters
  • Common database
  • Common reporting
  • Common user-interface
  • Online hosting for all your performance suite products
Know Your Bottom Line
ProfitStars Financial Performance Suite arms you with the data you need to determine who your most valuable clients are and helps ensure your pricing and rates yields the highest profits for your institution.​​