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Profitability, Reporting, & Pricing
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ProfitStars Financial Performance Suite℠​

The Financial Performance Suite (FPS)​ is an integrated solution set that enables your institution to access pricing, profitability, forecasting, and CECL compliance tools all in one place.​

FPS is a highly secure, web-based application that revolutionizes your financial management process.​ With the FPS modules, key users in lending, finance, accounting, and marketing can now access valuable tools all in one place,.

Our current lineup includes:

Is your financial institution ready for CECL? ​Click here ​to get your personalized CECL timeline.   

What It Does

  • 24/7 access to hosted solutions on a secure, cloud-based platform. You avoid the headache, effort, and cost of building and maintaining a proprietary system.
  • Saves time, with no manual pulling and sorting of data fields.

What It Does For Me

The Profitstars’ Financial Performance Suite delivers:

  • Common data extracts
  • Common ETL process
  • Common rules, calculations and parameters
  • Common database
  • Common reporting
  • Common user-interface
  • Online hosting for all your performance suite products
Know Your Bottom Line
ProfitStars Financial Performance Suite arms you with the data you need to determine who your most valuable clients are and ensures your pricing and rates yield the highest profits the highest profits.