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Regulatory Reporting

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Fed-File ProTM
For Small Holding Companies

Simplified FR Y-9SP and FR Y-11/Y-11S form submission

ProfitStars’ Fed-File Pro Small Holding Companies program allows bank holding companies with less than $1 billion in total consolidated assets to electronically file their mandatory reports to the Federal Reserve. 
With screens that look like the actual reports being filed, Fed-File Pro is fully integrated with the Pro-Filing Suite platform, and is therefore accessible the same way bankers access the Call Report Pro software from ProfitStars.

What It Does

  • Allows for electronically filing of a variety of key reports to the Federal Reserve:
    • FR Y-9SP
    • FR Y-11/Y-11S 
  • Provides the ability to import data from general ledger or other data files with DataLink, in order to reduce filing preparation time and risk of errors.
  • Offers a built-in electronic transmission link for sending the reports to the Federal Reserve via IESUB and Reporting Central.
  • Includes a Comparison Report to easily compare information between quarters for the holding company’s analysis.

What It Does For Me 

  • Includes extensive edit checks to ensure accurate filing – more than 200 continuous edit checks save time.
  • Improves accuracy and allows staff to focus on other critical tasks.
  • Simplifies the reporting process and integrates with ProfitStars’ Call Report Pro.
  • Comparison Report enables detailed review and analysis.
  • Provides an ideal filing solution for small bank holding companies that need to keep up with constantly changing regulatory requirements.​