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Enterprise Conversion Solutions (ECS)
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ECS Web™

Web based image and data storage solutions for research, printing, and archiving

ECS Web from ProfitStars is a secure, outsourced storage and research system that is completely web-based and provides unparalleled convenience for your institution or organization. It offers online research and printing of your legacy or acquisition data – stored and hosted by ProfitStars’ Enterprise Conversion Solutions (ECS) in one low-cost online archive. ECS Web allows financial institutions or organizations to reduce the costs required to maintain legacy data archives or merger and acquisition systems. ProfitStars hosts the data so you don’t have to worry about audits, disaster recovery, or managing redundant legacy systems.
Images and data can be converted from antiquated check image, document image, COLD report, and signature card systems to a state-of-the-art and more cost-effective platform – accessible via the web at the click of a mouse for easy research. We can also convert paper documents to ECS Web for electronic storage.

What It Does

  • Offers conversion, storage and research solutions for your image and paper data storage needs – in one low-cost, online archive.
  • Provides quick conversion of data from antiquated check image, document image, COLD report, and signature card system to state-of-the-art, more cost-effective platforms.
  • Stores any type of report or image data – financial or non-financial.
  • Provides a very cost-effective approach to scanning all of your paper documents for online storage and research.
  • Protects legacy data from loss, corruption, or unauthorized access.
  • Stores data in a secure, web-hosted center with disaster recovery backup.
  • Minimizes audit concerns.
  • Offers convenient online research and printing for all data.
  • Enables multiple users with administrative privileges.
  • Offers index searching for Check Images, Document Images, and COLD Reports.
  • Allows multi-factor authentication user security access

 What It Does For Me

  •  Allows your financial institution or organization to reduce the costs required to maintain legacy data archives or merger and acquisition data.
  • Enables your business to electronically store loan files, accounts receivable invoices, accounts payable documents, human resource and employee documents, customer information and billing records – or virtually any other department or enterprise-wide documents without the purchase of expensive scanners or Document Imaging software.
  • Saves money from having to purchase additional storage space (SANs or NAS Units) for your institution.
  • Frees up resources on your production system.
  • Eliminates unauthorized access to confidential information.
  • Offers cost savings over keeping internal legacy systems up and running.
  • Enables your organization to reclaim floor, file room, and disk storage space for other business purposes.
  • Supports multiple institutions or can be combined into one.
  • Eliminates the increasing cost of audit and compliance-related tasks by outsourcing.
  • Creates a strategy for future growth and assists with acquisitions. 
  • Product Briefs
    ECS Web

    Secure, outsourced storage of converted check image, document image and COLD report data in a completely web-based retrieval system.
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