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ImageCenter Interactive Teller Capture™

Check Imaging and Processing Solution

Interactive Teller Capture is a comprehensive solution that integrates with Symitar Episys, supports Check 21, and brings powerful new levels of scanning convenience to the teller level of any credit union. Interactive Teller Capture uses industry-standard Character and Legal Amount Recognition (CAR/LAR) to automatically determine the value of each check and then auto-populates the appropriate Episys data fields for teller review. Automated capture reduces the potential for human error, and the time a member spends at the teller window. Approved check information is seamlessly fed back into Episys where the transaction is posted and made available for processing through Check 21 and other complementary systems. The system eliminates manual teller stamping on the back of checks and offers a high read rate in the mid-90 percent range. It also provides early fraud detection. Searches for bounced checks become easier because checks are linked to specific member accounts and transactions, not just the check writer. As part of ImageCenter Image Capture​, Interactive Teller Capture helps credit unions streamline the processing of checks, enabling them to trim operating expenses while building member loyalty through faster and more accurate check posting and service.  

What It Does

  • Converts paper checks into digital images and accelerates the deposit process by bringing accurate check scanning out to the teller line.
  • Uses CAR/LAR handwriting recognition to automatically determine the value of the check and enters the information for the teller into Symitar Episys, reducing errors.
  • Provides Check 21, reporting, and research capabilities using ImageCenter. 
  • Offers powerful researching capabilities of transaction dates, amounts, batches, and more.
  • Links checks to a specific member account and transaction.
  • Provides thumbnail displays of scanned checks and allows the teller to re-scan and repair items as needed.
  • Sends the MICR data and item amount to the core system.
  • Provides a confirmation message and transaction details for the back office.
  • Ensures transactions are balanced before they are ever posted. 

What It Does For Me

  • Determines and verifies the check’s value at the depositor’s first point of contact with your credit union.
  • Provides a much more integrated environment at the teller level of your branches.
  • Makes transactions available for Check 21 after the teller closes his or her drawer; optimizes image exchange technologies and reduces float time through Check 21 integration.
  • Dramatically reduces manual data entry from tellers and later reconcilements.
  • Enables easy holds and reduces fraud.
  • Allows tellers to skip manual stamping of the back of checks (personal teller stamps, regulatory stamps, branch stamps, etc.).
  • Provides a high read rate in the mid-90 percent range.
  • Makes manual reconcilement of checks the rare exception rather than the norm.
  • Reduces costs and security issues around transporting checks by eliminating paper early in the process.
  • Enhances member service and convenience by reducing wait times, resolving questions and errors while members are present, and providing near-real-time transaction information.
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