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Synergy Check Archive™

Archives check images, statements, and all related documents

Synergy Check Archive enhances document content management by leveraging the cost savings and operational workflow efficiencies generated by check imaging platforms by archiving check images, checking account statements, and other related documents; and providing immediate retrieval and electronic distribution. The front and back of each check can be viewed, multiple checks can be viewed simultaneously, and notations can be made on check images. Returned check annotation features are provided, and basic fraud detection capabilities provide the ability to visually compare check signatures with electronically stored signature cards. This module easily integrates with industry-leading hardware transports.


What It Does

  • Archives and retrieves check images and related documents.
  • Provides the ability to view the front and back of each image including MICR information, supported by rotate, pan, and zoom features.
  • Provides the ability to view multiple checks simultaneously.
  • Provides the ability to make annotations and notations such as exception item dispositions on the check images.
  • Allows images to be printed up to 32 images per page.
  • Allows images or specific portions of an image, such as the front and/or back of a check image, to be cut and pasted into other applications such as Microsoft Excel or Word.
  • Ensures only authorized access to check images with built-in security.
  • Provides the ability to automatically cross-reference each check image with all related documents with a single mouse click using the WorldLinks feature.
  • Provides basic fraud detection capabilities with the ability to visually compare check signatures with electronically stored signature cards on-demand or procedurally based on established parameters.
  • Enables natural language searches of all check images, account statements, and related documents when used in conjunction with the Synergy PowerSearch module.
  • Returns search results in a "hit list" format, and enables users to save to a folder, print, export, fax, re-file, or start a workflow.

 What It Does For Me

  • Optimizes the cost savings and operational efficiencies generated by check imaging.
  • Provides an efficient single point of access to all imaged checks and related documents.
  • Enhances customer service with the ability to expedite research and response.
  • Enhances productivity.
  • Reduces statement printing and processing costs.
  • Eliminates microfiche, microfilm, and paper-based storage systems.


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