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Synergy DataMart Export

Data analysis solution

Synergy DataMart provides the advanced content management functionality to perform simple data analysis with the ability to automatically extract and import COLD report data into the leading SQL-based data management applications. These extracts can be based on user-defined templates, workflow, and intervals, including daily, weekly, monthly, or on-demand. The extracted data also can be accessed using popular data mining solutions such as Business Objects®, Monarch®, or Microsoft® Excel®.

What It Does

  • Extracts and imports COLD report data into leading database management applications.
  • Allows for automated extraction of COLD report data as new data is loaded.
  • Creates extracts based on customer-defined templates.
  • Provides access to the extracted data using popular data mining solutions such as Business Objects or Monarch.

 What It Does For Me

  • Expedites access to decision-support information.
  • Improves operating efficiency and productivity.
  • Reduces labor requirements by streamlining data collection, assimilation, and distribution.
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