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Enterprise Conversion Solutions (ECS)
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ECS Digital Data Conversion™

Image and data conversion solutions

ProfitStars' digital-to-digital conversion and migration services can help maximize the usability of your information and legacy data, regardless of its format or origin. We can convert all of your  check and document images, signature cards, statements, computer reports (COLD), and other types of data.

What It Does

  • Converts images and data from antiquated check image, document image, COLD and signature card solutions to any platform.
  • Converts images and data from hundreds of platforms previously used by diverse financial institutions.
  • Allows images and data to be converted into current systems or maintained in the ECS Archive system for ongoing research and printing.
  • Consists of four Windows-based, plug-and-play modules – Check Image, COLD and Text Data, Document Image Data and Signature Card Data.
    • Provides two client-centric, cost-effective conversion alternatives:
    • ECS Import –  All converted images and data reside in the existing image or data system, which allows for use of the legacy system to be discontinued completely.
    • ECS Image/Statement Browser – Creates a central archive by extracting all images and data from legacy systems; converting the extracted images and data into   an industry-standard format; and writing the images to a less expensive storage medium.  The ECS Image/Statement Browser is then used for research and   retrieval, which allows for the legacy system to be discontinued completely.
  • Operates in multibank archive or data center environments with commingled data.
  • Supports most legacy systems including AFS, Treev®, Fidelity Information Services, ITI Director and Highlands/Onbase, and others.
  • Supports diverse media types including Panasonic 940 meg up to 30 gig, network- and drive-based systems, and CD-ROM and DVD.
  • Includes conversion tools and import data formats for most check image, document image, COLD and signature systems available.
  • Provides a fully-featured image and data browser for research and printing.  

What It Does For Me

  • Enables financial institutions to seamlessly migrate merger and acquisition data into their current archive.
  • Enables financial institutions to seamlessly migrate to the industry’s ever-advancing systems and technology by maintaining all legacy or merger and acquisition images and data in industry-standard formats.
  • Enables financial institutions to completely eliminate legacy systems and the associated maintenance and hardware costs.
  • Reduces the costs required to maintain legacy data archives or merger and acquisition data.
  • Reduces total cost of ownership (TCO) by converting legacy data to more cost-effective archives.
  • Represents an extremely reliable and affordable solution that leverages ProfitStars’ unique expertise and experience with virtually every imaging platform that has been used in the financial industry.
  • Eliminates the financial deterrent to implementing newer state-of-the-art technology.
  • Case Study
    Select Bank & Trust VP Shares Conversion Tips: Project Plans, Protecting Data, and Why He’s Come to Love the Process
    When you dive right in and ask Mark Murphy of North Carolina-based Select Bank & Trust a question – “Are the rumors true that you actually enjoy conversions?” – he ups the ante and does you one better. “I love them.” This, coming from a banking leader (as VP - Operations Business Analyst) who has done 18 total conversions at different banks across his 20-year career – including three in the same year once – with more on the horizon. Murphy does not hesitate to share his thoughts about what works best and what doesn’t with his industry peers. Or with vendors.
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