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Genesys Check Imaging & Branch Capture

Genesys Check Imaging & Branch Capture

Check imaging and branch capture solution  

The Genesys Check Imaging Suite is a scalable, powerful, and proven check processing solution that offers a simple but comprehensive approach to item imaging.  This integrated suite contains three solutions: Genesys Proof of Deposit, which features proof of deposit and clearing, item sorting, and reporting; Genesys Proof of Deposit Remote, which allows a branch or remote location to capture, perform reject/re-entry, and balance items; and Genesys Branch Capture, which gives financial institutions the ability to capture images of checks at the branch and convert them into files that can be easily transmitted to the central processing facility. This intuitive system enables financial institutions to simultaneously process items at multiple locations, and takes full advantage of the Check 21 image exchange network. This comprehensive suite saves financial institutions time and money while simplifying business processes and increasing their competitive advantage. 

What It Does

  • Provides practical, intuitive graphical user interface.
  • Offers CAR/LAR capabilities that locate, read, and capture check amounts.
  • Ensures reliable MICR line capture and repair.
  • Offers color-coded feature for debits, credits, and rejected items.
  • Ensures balanced and unbalanced transactions are clearly defined.
  • Enables users to customize “hot keys” for quick insertion of frequently used information.
  • Allows users to print or view single items or complete transactions. 
  • Provides robust search feature for fast retrieval of items.
  • Provides immediate availability of images for electronic adjustments and balancing.
  • Enables simultaneous processing at multiple locations.
  • Reject Re-entry With Images allows the operator to view the item while quickly correcting any information.
  • Power Encode verifies and encodes amounts on matching transit items, even if presented out of sequence.

What It Does For Me

  • Increases item processing speed significantly.
  • Eliminates labor-intensive “read and key” of each check.
  • Reduces incorrect manual entries or filing errors.
  • Reduces paper handling and manual sorting Improves accuracy and eliminates out-of-balance totals.
  • Allows for fast training of employees.
  • Reduces operating costs and equipment requirements by allowing financial institutions to purchase PCs rather than additional proof machines.
  • Eliminates time and money spent on microfilm processing and storage.
  • Reduces postage and courier charges.
  • Saves floor space and storage costs, since the physical items no longer need to be stored.
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