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RemitPlus Solutions

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RemitPlus Solutions 

Electronic remittance processing, lockbox services, and check processing solutions.

The RemitPlus in-house software provides intuitive remittance and lockbox processing ranging from a single user scanning one check a day, to large lockboxes processing more than 350,000 items a day. RemitPlus currently supports more than 80 billing systems (including commercial and custom platforms) and employs a powerful ProjectBuilder engine capable of handling simple to complex ASCII billing system interface file formats. RemitPlus also supports electronic deposits to ProfitStars' Enterprise Payment Solutions (EPS) platform, as well as delivers Check 21 and ACH files to national and community banks alike.

RemitCentral complements RemitPlus by enabling both electronic and paper payments to be processed on a single platform by aggregating all payments and scanning and capturing the images of paper checks and payment vouchers, stubs, envelopes, correspondence, and coupons. It addresses the challenge shared by financial institutions and their business customers to reconcile payments from multiple sources including online bill pay providers, payment portals, kiosks, auto drafts, rebates, mobile, and mailed-in and walkup payments. This centralized processing solution links the remittance/lockbox with all accounts receivables so electronic and paper payments can be processed on a single platform without manual entry. RemitCentral is an ideal solution for any size institution or business that regularly receives electronic payments from multiple disparate sources. 

RemitWeb allows lockbox end customers to do more – and view more – than ever before. With RemitWeb, end users can research and view images and details of transactions processed through RemitPlus of checks and payment vouchers, stubs, envelopes, correspondence, or coupons online. In addition to cross-project research capabilities, the RemitWeb module allows lockbox end customers to remotely scan and download or upload daily accounting system extracts and reports – all securely and available 24/7, via the internet. RemitWeb can be delivered to your institution or organization as either an in-house or hosted solution.

RemitPlus HRCM is an affordable, turnkey check scanning and imaging solution that enables healthcare industry customers to automate the check and payment handling process both quickly and effortlessly. Using a small desktop check item scanner, end users can scan and archive digital images of checks in a few short hours instead of days. And because of its scalable design, RemitPlus is ideal for the largest, multi-facility healthcare organizations to the smallest community medical office.​​
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RemitPlus Overview

Electronic check processing and remittance solution