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Accounts Receivable Financing
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BusinessManager® for Healthcare

Now you can bridge the gap between the services you provide today and the reimbursements that won’t come in for weeks or months. BusinessManager enables you to get cash for your billed but so far unpaid insurance claims.  By selling them to the bank for a small discount, you can have cash deposited directly into your checking account typically within a day or so of you billing it out. You still maintain control over your billing and collection process, but now you’re not running to the mailbox worried about the bills you need to pay.  Or missing out on opportunities to grow and expand your business model because you’re waiting for your cash to come in from the insurance companies.  In addition, you'll also receive detailed management reports outlining critical information about your receivables so that you can analyze and correct inefficiencies which tend to zap your profit margin. If you’re tired of being the bank for your patients and being held hostage by insurance payers, contact us to find out more about how BusinessManager may be just what you’ve been looking for. Get BusinessManager and get back to building your business.

Key Benefits

  • Initially, you'll get immediate cash in a lump sum for all of your existing receivables. Then, on an ongoing basis, you'll get cash for each day’s billings within a day or two.
  • With a more predictable cash flow, you can make payroll, remit payables on time, add staff, increase inventory, offer additional services or products, pursue new business opportunities, and prevail in seasonal fluctuations.
  • Easily exchange receivables information with your bank through a HIPAA compliant secure Internet site. There is no additional paperwork on your part and often the process is fully automated.
  • Timely management reports about payers, claims, and reimbursement rates among other things are readily available to help you manage your business more efficiently and profitably.
  • Work with a bank that understand the business you’re in and can partner with your business as you maximize your opportunities.
  • Bank reports are available online so you’ll know where you stand at all times and ProfitStars' Support Services analysts are available toll-free to assist you during business hours.