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Accounts Receivable Financing
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Accounts Receivable Financing

Despite the slowly improving economy and somewhat successful efforts by the federal government to jump-start business lending, most healthcare providers will tell you it’s still quite difficult to obtain financing these days. In addition, most bankers are uncomfortable with the unique aspects of healthcare businesses and how they are paid for their services.  Add to this the reluctance of banks to issue credit in general, and there is a real problem when it comes to accessing the working capital that you need to be successful.

Healthcare providers need enhanced cash flow to accommodate the significant growth opportunities and challenges they currently face. Whether it’s adding staff to keep up with demand, offering new products and services to improve the patient experience or expand the bottom line, or simply being able to adequately deal with the ups and downs of reimbursement; the consistency of cash flow and access to capital has never been more important for a provider. ​