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Enterprise Content Management Solutions

Synergy Document Recognition

Automated document indexing made simple 

The Synergy enterprise-wide document management from ProfitStars offers financial institutions and organizations the ability to automate the indexing process using the Synergy’s convenient Batch Document Recognition (BDR) module, a complementary solution that works alongside Synergy Capture. Synergy BDR can automatically read and extract text and barcode index information from a batch of structured documents using template-based recognition, bringing new levels of speed and accuracy to the indexing process. Synergy BDR uses Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology to automatically read and extract index information from a batch of documents during the indexing process. Indexing Templates are used to determine where Synergy Capture should look on a physical page for specific indexing information.

What It Does

  • Works alongside Synergy Capture to further simplify the process of automated document indexing.
  • Provides Zonal Optical Character Recognition (OCR) – recognized machine print text in pre-defined regions on the image for automatic indexing.
  • Offers Barcode Recognition – recognizes values of barcodes printed on scanned pages for automatic indexing.
  • Allows for Manual Indexing with On-screen OCR. Provides Rubber Band recognition of selected typewritten text (OCR) or barcodes.
  • Allows for automated indexing with On-screen OCR using an indexing template.
  • Provides Synergy Document Info Pages, providing distinct separators, helping eliminate the need to insert blank pages into the batch.

What It Does For Me

  • Offers financial institutions and organizations the ability to automate the indexing process and streamline processes even further, enhancing the abilities of Synergy Capture and adding additional convenience to an existing Synergy Enterprise Content Management System.
  • Automates and reduces data entry labor and errors with automatic recognition of information to be used to index the document.
  • Uses barcodes to automate the capture of information used to index and recognize the documents scanned.
  • In conjunction with Document Info Pages, provides an efficient way to separate and capture index values for a packet of structured or unstructured documents.
  • Reduces ongoing labor costs.
  • Boosts enterprise-wide productivity.