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Enterprise Content Management Solutions

Synergy Reports™

Synergy Reports leverages COLD technology to fully automate the workflow of report capture and retrieval; and create a centralized warehouse of all imaged reports, statements, and notices, providing very effective content management solution. This report repository provides a single point of document management, thorough data access, and immediate desktop retrieval via the Internet, LAN, or standalone PC. This module accepts output from core processing systems and most business applications, and ensures data security and integrity by providing access to report images with all original report data remaining intact and un-manipulated.

What It Does

  • Automates report capture, archival, and retrieval functions
  • Works with output from the leading core processing solutions and most business applications and mainframe systems
  • Provides easy-to-use Windows interface to identify stored reports
  • Provides immediate retrieval of stored reports via desktop, browser client or API
  • Allows simultaneous access to individual reports by multiple users
  • Ensures data security and integrity by providing access to reports with all original report data remaining intact
  • Provides the ability to print, fax, or e-mail report data from the client applications
  • Leverages a built-in security system that restricts report access to authorized personnel only
  • Provides the ability to call attention to certain report data by using electronic highlights, arrows, stamps, and "sticky notes"
  • Displays forms onscreen as they would appear if printed
  • Provides the ability to create secure report or group level text notes available for authorized viewing at the individual or user group levels
  • Provides cut and paste capabilities that allow the easy, secure content exporting to Microsoft Word and Excel documents, e-mails, and form letters
  • Enables users to export selected report data directly to formatted Excel spreadsheet
  • Returns search results in a "hit list" format, and enables users to save to a folder, print, export, fax, re-file, or start a workflow
  • Provides the ability to open related information with a single mouse click with the WorldLinks feature
  • Provides a scalable solution for report data capture and runs as a .NET Service for ease of maintenance

What It Does For Me

  • Provides an efficient single point of access to enterprise-wide reports
  • Provides immediate, accurate search and retrieval
  • Eliminates lost/misplaced reports
  • Enhances customer service with the ability to expedite response via immediate report access and retrieval
  • Strengthens internal controls through auditing user operations such as report load, delete, and export and report security at the index on the page
  • Streamlines preparations for regulatory examinations
  • Enhances productivity
  • Eliminates microfiche, microfilm, and paper storage systems

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