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Gladiator Enterprise Information Security Services
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Gladiator® Consulting Services™

Information security and IT regulatory compliance (ITRC) consulting services provide comprehensive information security assessments and proactive planning

Gladiator Consulting Services facilitate information security in today’s constantly changing regulatory environment. These services support network security through comprehensive assessments tailored to the needs of each financial institution.  Gladiator Consulting Services include Security Assessments and ITRC Consulting Services. These services are broken down into phases that examine and enhance the security of IT infrastructures, helping financial institutions realize ways to improve and maintain their security posture. Because Gladiator specializes in working with financial institutions, its professional staff is expertly trained in both security and Federal Financial Institutions Examination Council (FFIEC) guidelines.  Gladiator Consulting Services assist financial institutions with increasing operating efficiency and productivity, automating manual processes, streamlining workflow, complying with regulatory requirements, and protecting themselves from costly threats that could interrupt business operations.

What It Does

  • Offers service including Security Assessments and ITRC Consulting Services.
  • Provides professional staff that is expertly trained in both security and FFIEC guidelines.
  • Provides assessments of perimeter and internal systems, as well as examination of policies and procedures.
  • Uses scored evaluations and a “best practices” approach to provide analysis of a financial institution’s security.
  • Evaluates a financial institution’s systems to determine external and internal vulnerability to unauthorized attacks.
  • Orchestrates social engineering tactics on employees to examine security awareness of employees and plan necessary training.
  • Meets with key personnel at a financial institution to establish understanding of network and security practices.
  • Provides analysis of current system security configurations and offers recommendations.
  • Offers physical review of controls and processes for selected facilities to evaluate adequacy of physical security and infrastructure.
  • Reviews policies to facilitate regulatory compliance.
  • Produces comprehensive reports which include results from remote and onsite examinations.
  • Presents assessment findings to key personnel at a financial institution and addresses any questions.

What It Does For Me

  • Provides assessments that are tailored to meet the unique needs of each financial institution.
  • Arms a financial institution with vital information regarding technology security so that issues can be addressed proactively and properly.
  • Offers Gladiator’s targeted advice specific to the financial services industry.
  • Offers Gladiator’s extensive experience in designing, installing, and supporting financial institution network systems, and in-depth knowledge of associated software and platforms.
  • Provides valuable guidance on improving security of a financial institution’s IT infrastructure.
  • Enhances compliance with the related regulatory requirements.
  • Offers security assessments without receiving a formal “grade” that must be reported to auditors.
Bolster your security posture using information security assessments and proactive planning
Knowledge Center
Enhance your security posture using a layered approach. Visit our Gladiator Knowledge Center for more information.