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Gladiator Enterprise Information Security Services
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Gladiator® CoreDEFENSE Managed Security Services™

Around-the-clock management, correlation, and monitoring of multiple security layers designed specifically for financial institutions

Gladiator's 24x7x365 managed security services protect financial institutions’ mission-critical IT solutions and critical data. These comprehensive services that include around-the-clock management, correlation, and monitoring of multiple security layers are specifically designed and developed for financial institutions to safeguard information assets, IT infrastructures, and business continuity by identifying and addressing internal and external security breaches.

Our CoreDEFENSE approach to managing your technology infrastructure includes: network intrusion prevention services; firewall monitoring and management services; incident alert services; server intrusion prevention and event log analysis; and comprehensive reports.

Gladiator’s Security Research department is another weapon in our arsenal that helps ensure the continued growth and quality of our network and information security services. This department analyzes new attack methods and provides Gladiator with the advanced threat intelligence required to proactively protect Gladiator CoreDEFENSE clients from today’s rapidly evolving security threats.  The department also performs Raw Traffic Analysis (RTA), which is a behavior-based malware detection service for Gladiator’s monitored firewall customers that complements existing signature-based detection methods by analyzing outbound traffic to identify and track suspicious activity coming from a client’s network. In addition, the Research Department leads Gladiator’s Adaptive Threat Management (ATM) efforts.   

Gladiator's sophisticated security services complement our network services. Network ServicesTM provide local and wide area network design, implementation, and support services, IP telephony solutions allowing for the integration of data, voice, and video, and virtualization services.    

What It Does

  • Identifies and protects against internal and external security breaches using a broad-based, multi-layered approach.
  • Monitors mission-critical IT and network systems 24/7/365.
  • Identifies and quantifies intrusion risks and vulnerabilities.
  • Leverages sophisticated intrusion detection systems to provide continuous blocks, measurements, and notifications of all unauthorized access attempts and suspicious activities.
  • Examines firewalls to make sure they are operating properly and are utilizing the latest software versions.
  • Provides content filtering to prevent access to unauthorized Web sites.
  • Inspects endpoint data to identify behavior patterns that indicate a system compromise.
  • Generates multi-level reporting.
  • Facilitates compliance with the related regulatory requirements.
  • Generates concise documentation for efficient reviews.
  • Supports evolving regulatory requirements and advancing technology.
  • Leverages the threat intelligence gleaned from the Gladiator Security Research department to better protect clients.

What It Does For Me

  • Helps protect financial institutions’ mission-critical IT solutions and networks.
  • Helps safeguard information assets, IT infrastructures, and business continuity.
  • Provides the depth of security services that would be difficult for individual banks to replicate with resident resources.
  • Offers ongoing access to security experts and leading-edge security solutions.
  • Provides a dedicated focus on security incidents.
  • Bolsters your financial institution's defense-in-depth strategy.
  • Helps educate financial institutions, offering them a clear understanding of the risks involved with exploitation of identified vulnerabilities.
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