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Gladiator Enterprise Information Security Services

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Gladiator® IT Regulatory Compliance/Policy Products

IT Regulatory Compliance Products and Services include sound policy solutions and electronic security awareness training

Gladiator’s dedicated IT Regulatory Compliance (ITRC) department offers products and services that provide financial institutions with assistance concerning the latest regulatory and compliance issues. Gladiator helps financial institutions proactively address issues through custom development of IT management policies, Compliance Package Services, ITRC Consulting events, and web-based IT regulatory compliance education. Gladiator’s CoreDEFENSE Managed Services and Gladiator’s reports, policies, and implementation procedures have helped financial institutions pass thousands of federal regulatory IT examinations.

Gladiator Policy Products include: Information Security Policy, IT Management Manual, Identify Theft Prevention Policy, Remote Deposit Capture Policy and Risk Assessment MatrixSocial Media Compliance Services, and eBanking Compliance Services, plus we offer Compliance Package Services and ITRC consulting events.

Gladiator’s ITRC department also offers convenient, web-based training solutions.  Gladiator electronic Security Awareness Training (eSAT) is a customized and convenient online program that educates financial institution employees on policies and procedures and helps to ensure that day-to-day business practices foster a compliant workplace.  The Gladiator eCommercial Security Awareness Training (eCommercial SAT) solution is  a convenient online training solution that provides customized content and tools to assist a financial institution in increasing commercial customers’ awareness of online fraud risks while educating them about effective techniques that can be used to ensure the confidentiality and integrity of online financial transactions. Both solutions provide compelling educational information that financial institutions can track through means of reporting in order to demonstrate compliance with regulatory directives for customer education and awareness efforts.  

What It Does

  • Provides products that offer up-to-date regulatory compliance information about the latest trends, GLBA regulatory guidance, and FFIEC standards.
  • Offers comprehensive compliance support services that complement policy products.
  • Addresses federal examiners’ expectations using thorough documentation.
  • Provides a compliance department that is staffed with experts in IT regulatory compliance issues.
  • Assists clients in preparing for audits/federal examinations.
  • Enables fast, convenient, and thorough employee training through web-based IT regulatory compliance education programs.
  • Helps institutions address preparedness for regulatory guidance requirements on important new technologies.

What It Does For Me

  • Assists financial institutions to effectively secure non-public, confidential information.
  • Offers comprehensive products that integrate the latest directives, best practices, and industry standards into a financial institution’s policies.
  • Assists clients in passing federal regulatory IT examinations.
  • Backs financial institutions with the solid expertise of more than 10 years of developing and implementing policies and procedures relating to regulatory compliance. 
  • Empowers employees with information security knowledge and provides a compliance-driven work environment through the eSAT and eCommercial SAT web-based IT regulatory compliance education programs.
  • Helps institutions be proactive in assessing the risks associated with new and changing technologies.
Turn to dedicated IT regulatory compliance experts to help you comply with the latest regulatory directives
In The News

ProfitStars ProfitStars Introduces Gladiator Virtual Information Security Officer​

June 28, 2017

Gladiator Virtual Information Security Officer winner of 2017 BankNews Innovative Solutions Award! 
November 2017 - Details here 
ITRC Webcast Series 2017
​Based on the latest regulatory guidance, best practices, and industry standards, this series is available in a convenient, on-demand format. Each pre-recorded audio event is complimentary for Gladiator Compliance Package customers and $95/session tp others. If interested in ordering any of these webcasts, please contact​.​ 
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