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Gladiator Enterprise Information Security Services
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Gladiator® NetTeller® Enterprise Security Monitoring™ (ESM)

Online fraud solution makes managing compliance for your online channel easier than ever before

Gladiator NetTeller Enterprise Security Monitoring (ESM) is an online fraud solution that provides an additional layer of security to proactively protect banks and their retail and commercial customers from costly cash management fraud 24x7x365 while also helping banks adhere to evolving regulatory mandates. Currently available for banks automated by Jack Henry Banking’s SilverLake System and CIF 20/20 core systems and using the NetTeller Online Banking platform, NetTeller ESM is a fully-automated monitoring service that leverages state-of-the-art correlation and behavioral analytics to track various cash management and online banking activities and flag items that need immediate attention.

Offering online fraud monitoring around-the-clock by Gladiator’s information security experts and providing near-real-time security alert notifications, this solution helps combat ACH and wire fraud while helping Jack Henry Banking customers comply with enhanced regulatory expectations for Internet banking security in accordance with the 2011 FFIEC supplement to Authentication Guidance.

NetTeller ESM facilitates compliance with regulatory requirements by providing easy-to-understand reports that support the related regulatory guidelines, and it offers a daily automated email summary and detailed, built-in reporting features.

What It Does

  • Protects NetTeller Online Banking customers with 24x7x365 online fraud monitoring by Gladiator’s information security experts.
  • Supports the FFIEC’s enhanced expectations regarding the protection of online customers from fraud, as per the 2011 Authentication Guidance Supplement.
  • Uses enhanced, behavioral analytics to evaluate online session and transaction activity to detect and respond to anomalous/suspicious online activity.
  • Provides integrated, near-real-time fraud monitoring with no need for additional hardware or software.
  • Tracks key events using pre-identified audit points falling into the categories of ACH/wire risk points, IP geo-location tracking, interbank transfers, bill pay, and cash management administration.
  • Sends near-real-time alerts to the bank for key occurrences such as abnormal and suspicious ACH and wire activity.
  • Promptly handles “high alerts” in an organized and timely manner through contact with designated employees.
  • Includes built-in reporting features and on-demand reporting capabilities that can be accessed via a secure Web portal at any time.
  • Offers a daily email summary of activity.
  • Can be integrated with Gladiator’s device monitoring that protects firewalls, servers, hard drives, and more from outside hack attempts or unauthorized internal actions.

What It Does For Me

  • Provides peace of mind by helping to protect online retail and commercial banking customers from fraud in today’s hostile Internet banking environment.
  • Requires no dedicated resources to monitor a console for suspicious activity.
  • Reduces financial and reputational risks to banks.
  • Enables banks to be proactive when dealing with online fraud threats so they can respond to fraudulent activity quickly.
  • Assists banks with compliance of regulatory mandates (including the Interagency Guidelines Establishing Information Security Standards, 12 CFR parts 30, 208, 225, 364, and 570, Appendix B; the 2005 and 2011 FFIEC Authentication Guidance directives).
  • Empowers IT professionals by providing detailed reporting about security threats that can be easily understood company-wide.
  • Gives board members accurate summary data that can be reviewed effectively.
  • Makes it easier than ever for organizational leaders to effectively manage the latest security threats.
  • Helps facilitate more successful IT exams.
  • Allows banks to benefit from Gladiator’s IT Regulatory Compliance expertise, as they periodically will update report directives based on new guidance, industry standards, and best practices.
  • Allows banks to benefit from the experts in Gladiator’s Security Research department regarding sources of confirmed fraud, malware and attack vectors, trends, and future security threats.
  • Product Brief
    Gladiator NetTeller ESM

    Online fraud solution makes managing compliance for your online channel easier than ever before
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