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Gladiator Network Services
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Gladiator® Enterprise Virtualization Services™

Migrate to a virtualized environment to reduce IT costs and increase the efficiency and flexibility of existing infrastructure assets

Gladiator Network Services™ provide server and desktop virtualization solutions that help reduce banks’ IT costs while increasing efficiency, utilization, and flexibility of existing infrastructure assets. Gladiator designs, implements, and maintains each bank’s virtual infrastructure based on an extensive evaluation conducted to determine the best solution for each unique operating environment.

Don’t be left behind! Virtualization is a fundamental technological innovation that allows skilled IT managers to deploy creative solutions to address some of today’s leading business challenges, including budgetary constraints, the need for flexibility in adapting to organizational challenges, and the continued stringent regulatory environment. Virtualization also expedites disaster preparedness and recovery, increases overall server security, and better supports future growth. 

What It Does

  • Offers server and desktop virtualization solutions for financial institutions. 
  • Provides a valuable operational enhancement.
  • Offers services that include the design, implementation, and maintenance of your institution’s virtual infrastructure.
  • Includes an evaluation of your current network infrastructure to determine the best solution for your environment and circumstances.

What It Does For Me

  • Helps FIs to realize tangible benefits that can generate significant cost and time savings
  • Allows your FI to get more out of resources by pooling common infrastructure resources.
  • Helps break the legacy “one application to one server” model with server consolidation. 
  • Can dramatically reduce the number of physical servers and dynamically redistribute excess computing power to where it is needed most.
  • Represents a more environmentally friendly way of doing business.
  • Reduces data center costs; requires fewer servers and related IT hardware and can also reduce real estate, power, and cooling requirements. 
  • Enables FIs to improve server‐to‐admin ratios and reduce personnel requirements.
  • Dramatically reduces the hassle and costs associated with ongoing hardware maintenance. 
  • Enhances availability and security.
  • Improves operational flexibility.
  • Helps ensure security while providing strong desktop management. 
Knowledge Center
Are you investing in the right technology solutions to support your business goals? Visit our Gladiator Knowledge Center for more information.