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Gladiator Network Services
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Gladiator® Unified Communications Services™

Both in-house and hosted services provide a single converged network to support data, voice, and video traffic simultaneously

The Unified Communications solutions provided by Gladiator Network Services™ encompass wide area network, bandwidth evaluation, voice over IP, IP telephony, and video over IP solutions. IP telephony provides a way for financial institutions to extend consistent communication services to all their employees, whether they are in the main location, in a branch office, working remotely, or are mobile. The professional consultants who provide these services complement their technical expertise with an extensive working knowledge of financial institutions’ operations as well as related regulatory requirements. As a result, these solutions provide secure call processing with redundancy and high availability for all users at any location.

What It Does

  • Leverages professional consultants with proven technical expertise, extensive working knowledge of financial institution operations and the related regulatory requirements.
  • Governs IP telephony implementations with proven best practices, strict installation standards, and professional project management.
  • Provides unified messaging, allowing users to store, send, and retrieve voice mail from their Microsoft Exchange e-mail client.
  • Offers the ability to integrate the call center with financial institutions’ core processing systems.
  • Provides efficient call distribution with four-digit dialing, call forwarding, transferring, and conference calling to any phone at any office, allowing calls to be answered by the right person the first time.
  • Provides customers with mobile IP softphone capabilities.
  • Offers support for interactive voice response voice calls over the network.
  • Offers scalability from five to 5,000 phones.
  • Offers integrated voice, video and Web conferencing.
  • Adds convenience of roaming profiles so employees can move to any location or desk and receive calls without changing their extensions.
  • Recognizes the FFIEC security objectives and provides fully compliant solutions.
  • These unified communications services can be complemented by the enterprise information security services provided by Gladiator CoreDEFENSE Managed Security Services™.
  • The Hosted IP Telephony solution provides a state-of-the-art communications infrastructure without a major equipment implementation or operating risk.
  • The Hosted offering ensures that the solutions in place reflect the most advanced technology and up-to-date response to industry challenges and offerings.

What It Does For Me

  • Facilitates the implementation of dependable, cost-effective IP telephony systems that seamlessly accommodate each financial institution’s dynamic business environments, specific growth strategies, ongoing product and service introductions, and near- and long-term information technology requirements.
  • Provides consistent customer communications by allowing financial institutions to present to their customers  a standard enterprise-wide phone and voice mail system.
  • Leverages WAN connectivity and infrastructure investment.
  • Maximizes systems and data access with call center convenience, streamlined core integration, unified messaging, and softphone capabilities.
  • Ensures state-of-the-industry security, data and voice.
  • Reduces support and administration costs by allowing financial institutions to call one Matrix phone number for network, telephone, and system support.
  • The Hosted solution makes it possible for the FI to maintain its business focus while Gladiator handles technical details.
  • The Hosted offering provides a viable option for an FI that does not have the internal expertise, nor the funds, to implement an In-House IPT system.
Knowledge Center
Are you investing in the right technology solutions to support your business goals? Visit our Gladiator Knowledge Center for more information.