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jhaEnterprise Workflow™

Automated Multi-Step Business Processes

jhaEnterprise Workflow simplifies business processes by fully automating, streamlining, and standardizing any procedures that involve multiple steps, individuals, groups, departments, and systems. This solution supports virtually any process that is performed with a series of consistent steps; automatically routing assignments based on established credentials, permission levels, and availability, and strictly enforcing established approval processes.

By automating multi-step business processes, the need for time-consuming manual tasks and redundant data entry is eliminated – providing organizations with a streamlined, cost-effective way to reduce operational risk and expense.

What It Does

  • Automates and streamlines multi-step business processes that involve multiple tasks, steps, individuals, groups, departments, and systems.
  • Supports virtually any business process that can be performed with a series of consistent steps.
  • Supports tasks and processes that must be performed in multiple applications.
  • Routes assignments to individuals, groups, or departments based on credentials and permission levels, availability, and the rotation of assignments.
  • Enforces credentials and permission levels for each automated process.
  • Automates the required approval process for each automated process.
  • Maintains audit trails for every automated business process.
  • Enables managers to monitor workflow progress.
  • Enables system administrators to view all active workflows, the status of each, and make appropriate adjustments.
  • Leverages the standard Jack Henry & Associates integration framework allowing easy and secure access for new solutions to become a part of the jhaEnterprise Workflow solution.

What It Does For Me

  • Supports dynamic operating environments and evolving business processes.
  • Expedites responses to changing regulatory requirements with the ability to immediately update organization-wide business processes.
  • Eliminates time-consuming, labor-intensive, error-prone manual tasks and the redundant data.
  • Improves staff productivity and reduces labor requirements.
  • Generates material operating efficiencies, eliminates operational redundancies, and reduces operating costs.
  • Reduces operational risks.
  • Enables organizations to enhance customer service and responsiveness.
  • Provides one fully integrated end user solution that supports diverse operating environments and multiple products and services.
  • Product Briefs
    jhaEnterprise Workflow

    Would you like to increase your staff’s efficiency by defining, automating, and measuring routine tasks?