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Today, no longer is the brick-and-mortar financial institution enough to satisfy tech-hungry customers. With the rapid increase in mobile and tablet banking, customers now expect their bank to be on the go with them at all times. Not providing such services could mean significant losses for your financial institution (FI).
A Javelin study showed that 40% of respondents “somewhat agree” and 23% “strongly agree” that they can accomplish their banking needs via an online or mobile device rather than going into a branch. So the time has come that a traditional website simply isn’t enough. Your traditional website was built for a desktop computer where the screen is larger. This causes mobile and tablet visitors to constantly zoom, scroll, and tap to hopefully find the button they were searching for. Isn’t there a better way?
Here are the top seven things to consider in making your online and mobile channels more effective:
  • Keep the online and mobile experience speedy! Consolidate verbiage and get to the point fast.
  • Ensure the navigation is simple and easy to click through with a mobile device.
  • Display contact information early and often for users.
  • Think about content that your customer would want to access on-the-go (i.e., Branch Locations, Special Offers, Rate Updates, etc.).
  • Help people get to your locations through use of built-in maps functionality on the device.
  • Stay away from content that utilizes Flash due to device compatibility issues.
  • Use targeted marketing tools to reach customers when they visit your site on multiple mediums
With the rapid increase in new users finding value in online, mobile and tablet banking, user experience across mediums will be a key factor in your offerings adoption. It is also important for customers to experience 'responsive' sites which consistently provide the same look and feel across all platforms, regardless of the device they are on.
As the online and mobile landscape continues to advance, this Knowledge Center can help you keep up to date on current trends and best practices for a consistent customer experience. Explore our educational resources and solutions to learn more about how to improve the online & mobile experience of your website.
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