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Commercial Lending Center Suite

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Commercial Lending Add-On Services

ProfitStars® offers a complete menu of add-on services to enhance all solutions within the Commercial Lending Center Suite™, helping lenders bridge gaps in their capabilities and staffing, and deliver more value to their clients.

Business Development Services - uncovers commercial loan opportunities for your financial institution via a team of experienced business development managers. Acting as consultants on your behalf, they provide access to market information, assess the needs of potential borrowers, assist in setting appointments with business owners, and work with your lending staff to deliver the appropriate solution. Their successful approach improves your margins by focusing less on price and more on structure and value.

Risk Management Services - is a tailored suite of services for managing risk through validation services (including portfolio scoring), segmentation strategies, credit culture assessments, education on best practices, and the development and implementation of risk mitigation and rating methodologies.

Account Verification Services (AVS) - offers your financial institution enhanced safety and convenience by periodically contacting business customers to confirm invoices. Account Verification Services’ feedback can help determine the quality of your accounts receivable portfolio and reduce the likelihood of your institution incurring a loss due to fraudulent activity.

Payment Posting Services (PPS) - performs the activities associated with payment posting, including receiving payments, matching them to invoices, and posting payments to the borrowers outstanding accounts receivable balances.

Credit Insurance - provides cost-effective options for credit and fraud insurance. Credit Insurance products are designed to help further mitigate risk on receivables lending.

Marketing Services - enables you to better target new loan prospects through customizable marketing tools in a variety of mediums, specifically social media but including online and print, as well as actionable analytics.

Collateral Management - provides ongoing near real-time, accurate, and dynamic collateral valuation that goes beyond the typical annual review to further reduce risk.  

CECL Services - CECL Datastore and Validation provides FI’s with a hosted data tool to gather, parse and store historic loan risk components required for CECL compliance. CECL Analysis and Reporting provides the loan portfolio analysis required to comply with CECL accounting standards.  

Helpdesk Services - serves as your institution’s help desk, providing training and support to your accounts for all of the client-facing solutions within the Commercial Lending Center Suite.