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Commercial Lending Center Suite
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​Commercial Lending FinancialCenter™

Looking for an innovative way to make lending more convenient for today’s commercial customers? Our new Commercial Lending FinancialCenter™ enables financial institutions and commercial lenders alike to attract more borrowers by offering a simple, online loan inquiry. The secure business portal allows borrowers to submit their financial packages electronically. Plus, the Commercial Lending FinancialCenter provides sales pipeline and workflow management tools.

24/7 Lending Made Easy

The Commercial Lending FinancialCenter makes it easier than ever to accept commercial loan requests online, 24/7, for a superior workflow and faster response times. ProfitStars hosts the online process, which is individually branded for your institution and accessible from your existing website.

With ProfitStars’ Commercial Lending FinancialCenter, businesses can apply for loans online anytime, anywhere. Or, your staff can be assist in entering their requests into the pipeline with a few simple steps. Either way, you’ll be able to strengthen business relationships and grow your loan portfolio safely and profitably while using the latest technology to streamline the process for you and your customers. Customizable workflow tools enable your operation to quickly and efficiently originate new loans.
The Commercial Lending FinancialCenter helps you:
  • Attract borrowers to your loan products.
  • Provide a superior customer experience.
  • Give prospects the ability to complete the loan application and gather the required documents at their own pace.
  • Manage the workflow of each loan opportunity from application to close.
  • Track and manage your ever-changing sales pipeline.

What It Does

  • Let’s you offer a superior online experience through the user-friendly hosted lending portal.
  • Moves loan opportunities through the process quickly and profitably.
  • Provides full vision for senior management into the existing sales pipeline. 
  • Works in concert with ProfitStars’ LendingNetwork​ solution.

What It Does For Me

  • Enables borrowers to apply for a loan anytime, anywhere.
  • Strengthens business relationships and grows your loan portfolio safely and profitably.
  • Helps you attract local businesses to your loan products, easily track your pipeline, and better manage growing portfolios of customers.
  • Provides a custom-branded “Apply Now” button and functionality for your existing website.
  • Harnesses the convenience and speed of today’s technology and offers those advantages to your borrowers.
  • Improves upon the more typical decline process by giving applicants a soft landing when you have to say “no” to their financing request.
  • Helps you keep deposit relationships at your FI.
  • Enhances your commercial lending product lineup.
  • Generates fee income.
  • Includes customizable marketing materials and other valuable marketing support. 
  • Enables you to attract more commercial borrowers by offering a simpler and superior loan application and management cycle.
  • The Commercial Lending FinancialCenter is part of the Independent Community Bankers of America (ICBA) Preferred Service Provider Program​.
Offer an Improved Loan Process
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  • Product Briefs
    Commercial Lending FinancialCenter

    Online portal for fast business loan inquiries, paperless financial packages, loan workflow, pipeline management, and more
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