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Commercial Lending Center Suite
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Commercial Lending Management System Add-On Modules

ProfitStars’ extensive list of add-on modules gives you a wide range of options for customizing your Commercial Lending Management System to fit your market niche or to expand your capabilities and accommodate higher volume as your business grows. 
Available add-on modules include: 

ClientWeb - Give your clients the ability to view their accounts online, in near real-time with ClientWeb. This completely customizable online client portal easily integrates into your existing website to enhance your contact with customers. They’ll love being able to see their account activity at any hour, run reports, submit credit and disbursement requests, and upload purchases and debtors directly into Commercial Lending Management System.
AutoCredit  - Give your clients the ability to submit credit requests online through ClientWeb with AutoCredit to empower clients to serve themselves. Credit requests can be approved or denied instantly according to rules you define to improve overall efficiency and accuracy.
AutoCash & API - AutoCash reduces errors associated with manual data entry while speeding payment processing by importing data and images directly from external sources such as lockboxes. The API delivered with this module can also be used to integrate third-party imaging and data capture systems and solutions with the detail A/R import process.

AutoInvoice & API - The monotonous nature of manual data entry is prone to human error. AutoInvoice improves the process dramatically by allowing invoice data and images to load automatically from third party information providers directly into Commercial Lending Management System, reducing errors while increasing the speed with which invoices are available for purchase.
Invoice Delivery - Why mail packages of invoices when you can easily email them to debtors instead? Invoice Delivery from ProfitStars provides the functionality to customize the electronic delivery of invoices to the way you do business. Whether you prefer to send invoices in batches, one at a time, or add/exclude documents, you’ll be able to create a method that best suits your operational workflow.
Invoice Confirmation - Bring order and efficiency to your post-purchase invoice verification with Invoice Confirmation. This module allows you to establish verification standards on a client-by-client basis, automatically builds randomized queues for staff to work, and provides detailed reporting on verified invoices. You can further speed invoice verification by adding the Shipping and Delivery Verification interface from ProfitStars.
IDC Invoices - Radically improve your invoice processing speed and accuracy with IDC Invoices. Intelligent Data Collection (IDC) uses specialized character recognition technology to scan both machine- and hand-printed information, convert it to data, and store it in a database for access within the Commercial Lending Management System. The module efficiently auto indexes scanned images and allows for manual correction and validation.

Multilingual ClientWeb - Multilingual ClientWeb lets you present your ClientWeb portal in languages other than English. In addition to choice of language, the module allows lenders to customize text fields to suit a particular dialect or match the terminology employed by their organization.

Participation - The Participation module lets you easily manage and reconcile participation agreements. You can accurately settle the shared loan balances and pay investors earned fees with confidence every time with built-in reporting of transaction summaries and up-to-date settlement requirements, detailed records of all participants and financial institutions involved, and timely statements to participants.
Sales Authorization - Don’t let requests for sales limit increases bring the purchase process to a halt! Sales Authorization keeps the ball moving down the court without sacrificing the rules of the game with an invoice authorization queue, security roles, and a robust reporting feature that lets you review requests and filter the display in multiple ways.
PayerWeb - PayerWeb introduces self-service to your operation by enabling you to provide personalized, up-to-date account information to your clients’ customers over the Internet. From a secure, near-real-time environment, your clients’ customers (account debtors) can view their latest account information, make payments, dispute invoices, run reports, and more. 
Carrier Payments - Carrier Payments expands your ability to factor invoices for transportation clients by allowing you to advance payments directly to the carrier and broker. You can even split payments, provide “quick pay” to carriers at a discount, and customize invoice-based terms for each carrier.
Load Processor - Load Processor gives transportation factors the ability to easily manage the details of advance carrier payments to third-party haulers or a division of the client’s own company. The modules also contains a hauler list, where you can create and maintain information on third-party haulers, including a factor-assigned code, notes, and contact details for haulers and drivers.
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