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Commercial Lending Management System™

The Commercial Lending Management System™ from ProfitStars® (formerly known as CADENCE) effectively supports the needs of lenders who want to grow their market share and expand their horizons, but need more monitoring tools and controls for greater product flexibility. 

The innovative platform design enables companies to administer asset-based lending, invoice discounting, inventory lending, factoring, and other forms of commercial finance within one system. This convenient solution includes: 
  • Blended controls for detail and bulk monitoring. 
  • Comprehensive loan pricing structures. 
  • Flexible regional and corporate-wide reporting. 
  • Processes to handle a wide range of risk management strategies. 
  • Rules-based workflow functions to gain operational efficiencies and security. 
  • Built-in imaging for easier access to and archiving of scanned documents (such as invoices and checks).
No longer do lenders have to modify their practices to fit their operational system – the Commercial Lending Management System conforms to the lender’s business. The process begins by establishing the client function, which manages client information including relationship rules and business and industry characteristics.

Next, the facility function includes the framework for managing loan balances, funding, and payment transactions. The facility function also captures the traditional interest and fee calculations based on either loan or collateral activity.

The Commercial Lending Management System maintains logic for determining availability by assigning calculation rules to the borrowing bases supporting a facility balance. The lender can monitor an entire client relationship, regardless of the loan product mix or the collateral supporting the loan(s).

What It Does 

  • Delivers a powerful portfolio management system that allows commercial lenders to administer asset-based lending, inventory lending, and other forms of commercial finance on a single software platform. 
  • Provides comprehensive loan pricing structures, flexible regional and corporate-wide reporting, a wide range of risk management strategies, and more. 
  • Supports more than 12 collateral types​
    • Bulk A/R 
    • A/R Aging 
    • Multi-Class 
    • A/R Detail 
    • Inventory Bulk 
    • Inventory Summary 
    • Medical Receivables 
    • Equipment 
    • Real Estate 
    • Generic 
    • Securities 
    • Purchase Orders 
    • Loan-Backed Detail 

What It Does For Me

  • Supports the needs of lenders who want to grow their market share and expand their horizons, but need more monitoring tools and controls for greater product flexibility. 
  • Allows for structuring of loans to match the lender’s product mix: Includes 12 unique statement fee types and several collateral-based fees. 
  • Allows transfer of funds between loans as manual or scheduled transactions. 
  • Processes various reserve controls to manage temporary risks. 
  • Provides complete trial balance and accounting report capabilities. 
  • Offers valuable optional add-on modules,​ add-on services​, third party interfaces​, file integrations​, world-class support, and continuous technology improvement. 
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