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Commercial Lending Center Suite
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Alternative financing for your unbankable business customers
From time to time, creditworthy business customers face common financial hurdles that may not be met by traditional banking products. With LendingNetwork from ProfitStars®, these commercial businesses can find support through creative funding strategies while financial institutions can maintain strong relationships with customers.
ProfitStars’ LendingNetwork offers alternative financing from a group of more than 100 of the most dedicated, responsive alternative lenders in the industry. With this program, banks and credit unions can safely and soundly retain a customer’s deposit relationship, incubate deals for a future return, and remove problem loans from the balance sheet. The LendingNetwork enables you to provide your customers with a soft landing after being declined for a traditional line of credit while keeping the deposits at your bank in areas like accounts receivable, inventory, equipment, real estate, and multi-asset.
LendingNetwork is easy to use. ​Your financial institution simply refers businesses by choosing "decline" if a business fails to meet criteria for in-house financing or if the request requires special products. LendingNetwork parters provide a variety of financing options and assume the risk while your financial institution retains the possibility of a future credit relationship with the customer.

What It Does

  • Gives your business clients another option when you have to say "no."
  • Allows you to submit online one-step referrals.
  • Tracks customers as they gain financial strength
  • Lets you easily revisit a customer’s status as a qualified prospect for a commercial line of credit.

What It Does For Me

  • ​Retains business relationships without risk of loan losses.
  • Competes for the future business of companies that do not currently meet your credit standards.
  • Removes criticized, classified, or problem loans from your balance sheet.
  • Enhances your FI’s reputation in the small business community.
LendingNetwork is part of the Independent Community Bankers of ​America (ICBA) Preferred Service Provider Program.
  • Product Briefs

    Alternative financing for small businesses with unique borrowing needs that cannot be met by traditional financing offered by the bank