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Commercial Lending Center Suite
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Portfolio Management

Commercial Lending Portfolio Management Sofware to Manage Business Borrower Relationships Beyond the Life of the Loan

Continuous management of your business lending relationships ensures you have an accurate picture of borrower credit and cash flow at all times, giving your financial institution the information you need to plan the next best move.

With the Commercial Lending Portfolio ManagementCenter™, you’ll maintain control with diverse commercial lending software tools for risk management, process automation, triggered communication, and borrower evaluation that include:
  • Executive oversight (via dashboards)
  • Required document tracking (including exceptions)
  • Critical ratio tracking (including covenants)
  • Renewal management
  • Future loan generation (that feeds decision automation and loan origination)
  • Profitability and CECL tracking (with ProfitStars Financial Performance Suitesm)

Utilizing the innovative design of Commercial Lending Portfolio ManagementCenter, your institution can easily administer asset-based lendinginvoice discounting, inventory lending, A/R finance, factoring, and other forms of commercial finance within a single commercial lending software system

This means you can handle all critical aspects of commercial portfolio management, including: 

  • Flexible loan pricing structures to fit your credit culture
  • Custom queries and reporting that can include financial information and analytics, loan and collateral information, covenants, policy and document exceptions, and more. 
  • An array of risk management tools that include process automation, communication, and borrower evaluation.
  • Covenant identification and monitoring for fully-configurable tracking of financial and non-financial agreements.
  • Rules-based workflows to gain operational efficiencies and security.
  • Comprehensive compliance tools including built-in automated support for CRA, HMDA, CD, OFAC, Reg B, flood determination, and credit bureau requests.
  • Criticized asset management and reporting supported by a tailored workflow to ensure required activities are completed and required information is reported and regularly updated with the latest data from the core system.
  • Built-in imaging for easier access and archiving of scanned documents such as invoices, checks, and required documents.

With Portfolio ManagementCenter, lenders can monitor the entire borrower relationship, regardless of loan product mix or types of collateral supporting the loans

The Commercial Lending Center Suite™, which includes Portfolio ManagementCenter as well as other industry-leading tools, offers a convenient relationship-based lending process. With it, you can create, fund, and manage business borrower relationships from one loan experience to the next. It is commercial lending software designed with both borrowers and lenders in mind, incorporating all-digital loan origination, decisioning, and portfolio management workflows that save time, enhance accuracy, and improve the overall borrowing experience.

Why lose deals to online competitors or big banks when you can deliver faster, more accurate decisions and gain borrowers for life? Improve your borrower experience, offer attractive loan products, expand your borrower base, stay ahead of new regulations, and become the go-to lender in your market starting now.  

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