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Commercial Lending Center Suite
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Third Party Interfaces

The Commercial Lending Management System offers a number of third party interfaces that allow users to interact with online services without ever having to leave the system.

Third party interfaces include:

​Credit Monitoring - This service lets the user initiate credit searches without ever having to leave the system. At the click of a mouse, Credit Monitoring begins a web dialog with your choice of several monitoring partners, requests the necessary clarifications, and immediately delivers a credit score.

Delivery Verification - This handy service lets users key in a tracking number once to trigger an automated inquiry to the appropriate delivery service website--FedEx, UPS, or USPS-- at the frequency you prefer. The response is automatically added to the client's file--verified if accepted or queued for manual review if delivery is refused.

Electronic Payments - Electronic payment is becoming the norm, and for good reason: it’s easy, it’s secure, and it speeds the payment process considerably. The Electronic Payments interface with ePaymentAmerica gives debtors a simple, secure, and convenient way to pay invoices online. ​

HubTran - This service dramatically streamlines invoice processing, document management, and exception handling. New technology leverages Optical Character Recognition and Artificial Intelligence to streamline and simplify back office work without requiring massive investments of your time in training and integration. Per-transaction pricing makes it as economical as it is easy.​

Integrated Faxing - This convenient faxing service, accessible directly within the Commercial Lending Management System, allows users to fax from any reports screen.  No software to install, no fax server to maintain, no dedicated phone line to worry with. Best of all, integrated faxing costs just pennies a page.

Lien Monitoring - This service simplifies the process of monitoring accounts for lien filings by integrating it into the Commercial Lending Management System. Whenever filings are found, the system automatically flags clients and debtors with outstanding alerts. You can even choose to prevent purchases against those parties.

TrakiQ - This interface helps you automate your invoice verification process by integrating the Commercial Lending Management System with TrakiQ, the Online Paying Agent Reporting and Rating product from Gallium Technologies.

SaferWatch - Ensuring the quality of the carriers and brokers you lend to is vital to your business. The SaferWatch interface monitors carriers for compliance, notifies you of critical changes you deem important, and captures them in the Commercial Lending Management System, letting you flag problem carriers, document your due diligence, and better protect your business.​

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