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Margin Maximizer Suite - Customer Support

MaxConnect 1.6

Thank you for choosing MaxConnect from Margin Maximizer. Click the link below to download a .zip archive containing the Update Installation Guide, the update installation executable, and associated .DLL files.

**IMPORTANT** - for updating from release 1.3 or earlier

If you are not already running release 1.4.100 or later, after installing the update, you will need to establish mappings in MaxConnect for the new status field prior to processing. MaxConnect processing will fail if the mapping is not established. We strongly recommend contacting Margin Maximizer Support to schedule assistance installing the update.


Please contact Margin Maximizer support if you have any questions or would like assistance installing the update.

Are You Backing Up Your Database?

We encourage all our customers to verify the Margin Maximizer database is properly backed up on a regular basis. Because the actual database files are locked by the database service when it is running, a standard file copy backup will not have access to the database. You can find more information on how to properly backup the Margin Maximizer database here: Backing Up the Margin Maximizer database.