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Banno Monitor™

​Targeted suite of security services to protect, guard and respond to a potential Website attack.

Financial institutions who want to maintain complete control of their website and understand what is happening on their site 24/7 need the ability to track detailed monitoring information so they can act accordingly and ensure their site is functioning as intended.

Banno Monitor™ is a website defacement monitoring service that tracks a financial institution’s website for unauthorized changes and defacement. A financial institution can use Banno Monitor to keep track of webpages, content changes, broken links, and DNS status or SSL certificate expirations. Banno Monitor is great for web security teams and website administrators. It allows users to be informed of changes happening to their website while having easy access to acknowledge those changes and stay in control. A financial institution can also create jobs that compare a live site with a control site. Banno Monitor features include; Time Based Alerting, Site Content Monitoring, DNS Monitoring, and SSL Monitoring. 

What It Does 

  • Monitors and stores all the information it requests from your website.
  • Scans webpages for unauthorized changes and defacement. 
  • Keeps tabs on webpages, DNS statuses, or SSL certificate expirations. 
  • Provides a total history of your website.
  • Sets email alerts to detect website issues. 
  • Notifies designated FI representatives of any unauthorized changes that could impact their virtual branch. 

What It Does For Me

  • Becomes an indispensable service that ultimately saves on third party monitoring.
  • Provides a competitive edge in your market by offering a solution to simplify your customer’s lives.
  • Improves retention and gives you access to untapped revenue.
Leverage the latest in digital technologies and meet expectations of increasingly demanding online visitors.
  • Product Briefs
    Banno Monitor

    Targeted suite of security services to protect, guard and respond to a potential Website attack.