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ProfitStars® Direct™

Enterprise tax forms and holiday supplies…simplified 

ProfitStars Direct is a new custom service offering enterprise tax forms, holiday supplies, and much more. ProfitStars clients can order more than 4,000 items, ranging from image-friendly MICR documents, custom forms and envelopes, to financial and processing center supplies. Save time and gain convenience with products like custom printed TaxMaster forms imprinted with your business logo, or custom printed Pressure Seals that you can use all year long for letters, notices, or checks. You can also pre-print postal indicia on your tax envelopes to save even more time and reduce processing costs. Experience a “stress-free” tax season, since all forms available through ProfitStars Direct are compatible with the latest IRS requirements. 

What It Does

  • Operates as the preferred provider of mission-critical forms and supplies.
  • Offers more than 4,000 items including tax and custom forms, check imaging and reader/sorter supplies, magnetic media, laser printers and supplies, payment coupon books, and much more.
  • Responds to dynamic regulatory requirements and the ongoing addition of new products and services with new items.
  • Responds to dynamic regulatory requirements and the ongoing addition of new products and services with new items.
    • Web-based ordering utilities.
    • Automatic inventory management and replenishment.
    • Complimentary storage of inventoried quantities for one year.
    • Expedited shipments of inventoried quantities by ProfitStars’ ten regional warehouses.
  • Seamlessly supports new client conversions and installations with every form and supply item needed.

What It Does For Me

  • Provides enterprise-wide forms and supplies guaranteed to be compatible with IRS requirements.
  • Leverages extensive experience with ProfitStars products and services.
  • Shares ProfitStars’ fundamental commitment to exceed each client’s expectations with outstanding service.
  • Supports each client relationship with a proven understanding of custom business operations, a working knowledge of client-specific needs and dedicated sales and sales support teams.
  • Boasts extensive experience exclusively supporting ProfitStars’ diverse clients.
  • Leverages the experience gained by producing more than 1 billion business forms.